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Valued MPs should also afford to be striking with this weapon, those who try to use as a weapon to achieve the imputation of the 12 September defenders. In order to understand who is 12 September, there is no need to wait for the role of a tournusole paper from the constitutional items. The truth is in the middle with all the nakedness. If he has opened the front of September 12, he is the defending 12 September if benefited from September 12. If you wish to exemplify this: We were caught up on 12 September storms while each of us works in our own organizations on our own organizations before 12 September, with many of the founding staff of the party preparing the patrol. However, it has established our heads on top of the heads, 12 September, clogging into the dungeons or an old statement. The urbanists and leftists have opened the junctions of tortures, September 12, September 12, to make politicians, and their organization that they felt themselves belonging to them. (Applaud from MHP queues)

Atila Kaya (continued) – that is, it is impossible to see their extensions and their extensions of the 12 September victims, 12 September victims of September 12. Defending the AKP’s attitude on behalf of the military impacts, especially 12 September, is Hamakat, is disrespect to the past. The 12th September gunts sentenced tens of people, ilateral and revolutionary, their thoroughly led their thousands under the persecution of tortures of the prisons.

Atila Kaya (continued) – Today AKP hopes the medet from those people, their way, and their way.

Valued MPs, AKP has programs in the new liberals of yesterday’s new liberals, the new liberals are making programs in their newspapers, he has been printing in their newspapers, the old country has also found it. Well, why aren’t the victims of their 12 September victims? Cannot talk because there is no. (Appliances from MHP rows) The most recently discussed September 12 in this country is the members of the rulers, and those who will say the first word should be payers. Maybe 12 September Maybe shall we “feed”? ” remembered with his word.

Valuable MPs, we are ranging from September 12, where they feed. (Appliances from MHP sequences) It is not a kind of action that they feed them 12 September as a democracy took as a democracy airy and to show their reasons as a Democracy 12th.

Mr. MPs as someone who leaves the most beautiful years of their life in the 12 September Dungeons, why we will say that when we are asked for such an offer:

First of all, we are indirectly, as there is a weapon towards the abuse of our pain in the AKP, which is indirectly debited to the applications of September 12. We are against the persecution of the cunnan that leads to their front of the cunnan, as we believe that the abuse must be the most common and most opposed to abuse. We are in the opposite that the abuse of the cruelty we live is at least as much as he hurts as much.

The AKP sees the judge of the September 12 as the requirement of justice as the requirement of justice, but this opinion means as an ability to pass the Constitutional package as an ability to pass. The power party should stop exploiting the feelings of victims. B

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