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Package food, sitting outdoors sitting, sitting, baby chair, wheelchair access, free wifi, credit card valid

I ate here twice here during 5 days / night stay in Disneyland with my children. The food was always served as hot and the chicken nuggets here is much better than the United Kingdom McDonald’s! However, the service is very very slow! My children found a table and order / pay and … more

We came here for a quick lunch before entering the park. We have used a self-service machine that has no tail in the rear corner. We ordered our meals but it was not clear where we will get the tableware service. Finally we found the correct area, but then we were redirected to another section to wait. It’s all … more

They both are outside the ‘Burger gate’ that we have managed to leave the same burger when we ordered. But it was very busy to solve the problem. This place is usually manic, so be prepared to wait and would definitely recommend using self-service machines but be careful to check your cart! ! Excellent food … more

Very slow service (35 minutes for order) – foods were low standard – they will not come back when they return to Disneyland

Yes in a theme park, but prices are very high according to the street. We have gave a gathering instruction to the wrong. Then he pointed to a different loom to collect hot drinks, so we had to move the dish tray from a busy crowd. Then ask for a cup of milk for a cup of tea … Read More

After arriving at Disney Village, he called a quick burger and ordered the machine. When we were in line, our order was available. The food is good, warm and fast. We spent the best service in McDonals for a while.

Affordable. Many options, some are not the same as U. K., much more varied. The chicken sandwich is so much nicer than uk. With the meals you can get heiniken in 25 minutes or you can go to 33 CL in 5% volume. Children are about 40 € for 5 families in Hollywood Hollywood € 5

This place is the only place to eat your home in Disneyland Paris that you won’t have to mortgage your home to eat! We ate here several nights because the other dining options are very expensive. There is no doubt that it is not on the main street, because it should make a threat to other restaurants and great snow margins ….

Ok, the best, the city is not as good as Paris. We try in every country we go to compare and compare McDonald’s. Very fat, but went on a busy time. The staff were friendly, but obviously buried with people. A large number of seating including external. Good for what is happening.

It is a cheap place to eat in an expensive area for food. The food was good. A fairly standard McDonalds.

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